Latex Examination Gloves

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Latex Examination gloves Overview


Latex examination gloves are derived from NR latex obtained from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree when the bark is tapped.  Unlike most synthetic gloves, which are made from petrol chemicals. Because of the inherent elasticity of latex, the gloves provide excellent tactility, very comfortable fit and excellent strength and barrier properties. Latex examination gloves provides very high degree of protection and strength.  Latex gloves are extremely popular along the lines of the medical field, namely in hospitals, laboratories, clinics, etc.

Caution: Some users may be allergic to latex material.  Nitrile gloves are highly recommended as replacement if this is a concern.


Latex Examination Gloves Applications:

  • Medical clinic, dental clinic, hospital
  • Cosmetic and hair salons
  • Food processing facilities
  • Restaurants


  • High quality latex compound – Medical latex examination gloves grade
  • Superior comfort and flexibility
  • Very good durability
  • Great rip and tear resistance
  • Moderate chemical protection
  • 100 pc/box, 20 box/cs, Large, Medium and Small size.


Product Specifications

Size Legnth(mm) Width(mm) Thickness (Fingers/Palm)(mm)
XS 240 76±3 0.14±0.03 0.12±0.03 0.11±0.03
S 240 84±3 0.14±0.03 0.12±0.03 0.11±0.03
M 240 94±3 0.14±0.03 0.12±0.03 0.11±0.03
L 240 105±3 0.14±0.03 0.12±0.03 0.11±0.03
XL 240 113±3 0.14±0.03 0.12±0.03 0.11±0.03
Elongation Before Aging 650%
After Aging 500%
Tensile Strength Before Aging 18 MPA
After Aging 14 MPA




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