Heavy Duty Industrial Gloves

Here are some of our favorite specialty gloves.  These are similar to the gloves found in the General Purpose/Industrial gloves section, except they are tougher and are specifically designed to withstand more extreme circumstances in different industries.  Conditions such as high levels of cold / heat / abrasion / grease / chemical resistance


Specialty & Heavy Duty Industrial Gloves


Industries / Applications

  • Commercial Fishing
  • Food Processing
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturers
  • Bakery
  • High Chemical Hazard/ Risk Industries


PVC industrial gloves - vancouver work gloves

FB series PVC-dipped with Textured Grip-palms (3) copy

FB Series PVC-Dipped with Textured Grip-palms

Code: FB225

72 pair / case

Applications: Commercial fishing, automotive repairs, construction

Feature: Very tough and abrasion resistance






industrial gloves - work gloves vancouver

PVC Caoted,100percent Cotton Lining Industrial Glove

PVC Coated, 100% Cotton Lining Industrial Gloves

Code: VK73356

72 pair/ case

Application: Commercial fishing, automotive repairs, construction, manufacturers

Feature:  This is an even tougher version of the FB Series PVC Dipped with

Textured Grip-palms: slightly thicker material, and longer cuffs, very high durability

and dexterity, excellent chemical resistance






heavy duty orange industrial gloves - vanouver work gloves

Heavy Duty Orange Latex, Cotton Lined, Crinkle Grip Glove

Heavy Duty Orange Latex, Cotton Lined, Crinkle Grip 

Code: L8230

12″ length , 72 pair/ case

Applications: Handling frozen food, hot containers, glass, sheet metal assemble, commercial fishing, food processing

Feature: Very popular in the commercial fishery because of its textured grip and palm, high dexterity and good abrasion resistance






vancouver industrial gloves

Double dip pvc coating

Double Dipped PVC Coating Gloves Industrial Gloves

Code: 6200

72 pair/ case

Applications: Seafood processing, landscaping, heavy duty manufacturers, construction

Feature: One of the toughest, most abrasion resistance gloves, not one but two layers

of PVC coating for extra protection





vancouver industrial work gloves

Premium Quality, Winter PVC gloves

Premium Quality Winter PVC Gloves

Code: NS330

36 pair/ case

Application: Commercial Fishing, cold storage warehouse, utilities maintenance

Features: High grade, low temperature PVC formulation ensures flexibility and crack resistance in cold temperatures.

Warm triple layer, foam-laminated insulation.  Good chemical and oil resistance.  Roughened finish on palm for better grip




vancouver industrial work gloves

Black Neoprene chemical resistant gloves

Black Neoprene Chemical Resistant Industrial Gloves

Code: NE3030

48 pair/ case

Application: Automotive, oil refineries, petro-chemical facilities, electronic and plastic recycling

Features: High levels of flame resistance: withstand heat temperatures up to 93°C (200°F).  Also they are chemical resistant to a broad range of oils and chemicals that may damage regular natural rubber gloves






nitrile reuseable gloves - caro lab

VK Nitrile Industrial Gloves

Nitrile VK Industrial Gloves

Code: VK34685

36 pair/ case

Thickness: 22 mil.  Length: 18″

Application: General purposes, chemical handling, petrochemical industries, automotive, printing, food processing

Feature: Excellent durability, excellent grip in wet, dry and oily applications, excellent chemical/solvents resistance






Bakers Pad with StrapBakers Pad with Strap

Code: BPE

20pack/case – 6 pieces / pack

Application: For intermittent handling of hot objects up to 450°F







vancouver industrial gloves work

PVC-Coated Gauntlet 23 inches

PVC Coated Gaunlet 23″ Industrial Gloves

Code: SH260L

72 pair/ case

Application: Commercial fishing, live seafood handling

Feature: Heavy duty 23 inches long arm double dip seamless knit 13 gauge cotton support.  Great oil resistance.  Extra long style features elasticized arm opening to keep in place









vancouver industrial gloves work

17 Heavy-duty Terry Cloth Bakers Mitt

17 ” Heavy Duty Terry Cloth Bakers Mitt

Code: TPM

36 pair / case

Application: Food processing, food handling, bakery

Feature: 17 inches washable 32 oz heavy duty terry cloth mitt with kevlar thumb patch